Orlando Nails

At Spa Unico we focus on wellness and healthy nail care in Orlando. At Spa Unico we pride ourself in perfection and details work during our manicures and pedicure services .



During our manicure services, we focus on natural healthy nails. During each manicure we start with cutting , shaping and buffing your natural nail. We provide detailed cuticle maintenance by pushing back the cuticle and removing the excess dead skin. You have the option to choose to go bare nails, polish with regulars nail lacquer, or gel polish. Our manicure are finished with a hydrating and rejuvenating hand massage. You will leave with the best nails in Orlando.

We take pride in our gel manicure. Typically, our gel manicures last up to two weeks. Please note, gel manicures are soak off polish and are porous. Cleaning chemicals such as Bleach, Lysol, Chlorine or solutions can cause gel polish to start to soak off. It is highly recommended to wear gloves while cleaning.



Pedicure .


Hard Gel Enhancements

Hard gel is a wonderful way to Enhance the nail by giving it a harder structure on top of a healthy now. Hardshell’s can be applied directly to the now as a layover or it can also be structured and molded to give the nail length as well.